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SGT Ronald Walters is a dear dear friend of ours who has been stationed in Iraq for almost a year now.  He is a true patriot, and a very brave soldier.  He and his men are in the supply business making sure the rest of our troops there are supplied with what ever they need.  This job was one that he volunteered for because no one else wanted it due to the dangers of the job.  They are the ones that dodge the mine fields out in the road ways on a daily basis.  These are the guys the insergents want, because they supply the rest of the troopes.  These soldiers are the hero's not only to us but to their fellow soldiers.

We asked Ron if he would get a flag and fly it over Iraq for us so we would have something from "Over There" at our convention.  He said he would do us one step better, and he flew it all over Iraq, every where he stopped he flew the flag.  He even flew it over the Bagdad International Airport on Easter Sunday.  This mean a lot to me that he would do this for us all.

Here is a message from him:

Hey Guys how you doing today? Well I finally was able to get everybodies signature from my convoy so today I sent you the Flag and our signatures. I am a little upset with myself though, I'm a good writer but when I needed to write something I felt was Important words failed me. So on the paper with our signatures is the dates and the Locations that we flew the flag. I flew the flag over Baghdad International Airport during easter which for some reason I felt really good about. I have been so lucky on this deployment not to be seriously hurt, and to make some wonderful friends both here and in the States, Namely New Hampshire.......(that would be you guys) case you forgot where you live. I am attaching some photoes of the Flag flying from our truck at one of the bases we were at, plus a picture of our prayer before the start of each new leg of our journey, and a group photo of us in front of our trucks. Please let me know if the photoes come through or not, I never sent

pictures e-mail before. I am the one in the group photo up front next to Sgt Creek (the Black man with the machine gun). Also I included a couple of pictures just because I thought they were cute. Take Care and send me an email soon I Love You Guys, Ron

SGT Ron Walters and his Troops

From Left to Right- SSG Dilley-Redneck, Cpl McMahon- Mac, Sgt Creek-Viper 54, SPC Reeder-Wrench, SGT Walters-Sierra Alpha, SPC Cline-Tough Guy, STG Shipman-Dr.Scholls, SGT Kaylor-Bungy Cord, Spc Deford-Diesel, SPC Johnson- Little J, SGt O'Brien- Obiwan, SPC Dmytrewcyz-Red 5

Troopes saying their prayer before Leaving to Supply the Country side for the rest of our Troops

OUR Flag
Flag for Convention Flying over Iraq



"Fallen but not Forgotten"
4 Brave Hero's



Fike at an Open Market Place

Sundance relaxing in the sun

Tull relaxing for a change

Walters relaxing after a successful mission!

O'Brien checking the next plan of action

Get Those Camels out of the Road. Get a leash!!

These pictures were sent by Walter's and Team for us to post on this web site.  He and his Unit will be home in August and looking forward to it by the looks of their last mission out there.

GCS Distributing
Most Beautiful Tribute to our Military

Tribute to our Brave By GCS Distributing

     Click on the above link and be patient it's a wonderful tribute. 
 Thank  you GCS for caring about our men and women in uniform
                                           "Over There"

"Overseas Veterans Emergency Relief"
"Their Honor Earned Respect Everywhere"