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Lets take a minute to explain what the Over There Project is all about.  
 Its all about our Veteran's .....Over There.....and back home again.  Its about the families and the hardships they go through.  Our soldiers put smiles of the faces of freedom every day over there, lets see if we can put some smiles on the faces of hardship over here for their families who are finding it hard while they are away.
What is the Over There Fund?
This fund was created by the New Hampshrie Veterans of Foreign Wars to provide quick-temporary emergency financial assistance to New Hampshire military members and their
immediate family members.
Who is Eligible?
1.   Any person currently serving overseas and is a member of a military unit located in New Hampshire or any military member with a "home of record"  in New Hampshire is eligible for the fund.
2.  Any person that is a member of a military unit located in New Hampshire or any military member with a "home of record" in New Hampshire that has recently (within one year) returned from an overseas deployment and is experiencing emergency financial difficulties.
How do I Apply?
Contact the New Hampshire Wing Family Program Office (Pease ANGB) at 603-430-3545 or visit a New Hampshire Family Assistance Center at a National Guard Armory located at the Littleton, Concord, Manchester, Keene or Plymouth Armories.
What Paperwork is required?
1.  Current copy of your Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)
2.  Current copy of your ID card front and back.
3.  Copies of all bills you need assistance with.
What assistance can be provided?
Necessities such as rent, mortgage, utilities, heating fuel, food , and medical bills.
It's important to note that if assistance is provided- checks can not be made payalbe to any military member.  Checks will be made pauable to such as a banck creditor, landlord, or electric company, etc.
How was the fund established?
VFW State Commander, Dan Greenlaw and Ladies Auxiliary VFW President Beth Castricone, initially established this fund as a Special project.  Initial fundraiser was a statewide "Poker Run" held with the support and assistance of VFW Posts from throughout the State.
If anyone would like to make a personal donation to this fund, please Make check payable to
Department of NH/VFW
Ear Marked "Over There"
P.O. Box 252
Whitefield, NH  03598


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