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Over There

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God Speed

United States Veteran's
Our Nation's Pride




 If you do not support our Men and Women in uniform than there is no need to read further.  We all have our own feelings about what should or should not be happening, but lets not ask a Veteran who has been there done that. Our Veterans are loyal and dedicated to their country, and they are 100% behind those that are "Over There". Some would like to be there. They know the loneliness and sacrifice made by all.  We never hear  the good things that they do, we only hear the sadness.  They put smiles on the face of  freedom every single day.    They support a country in need, thats the American way. 


This website is dedicated to the men and women who have been and still are

"Over There" 

with much love from the NH Department of VFW Ladies Auxiliary

Post Auxiliary and our Men's Auxiliary


  Hug a Vet everyday and say THANKS.

"God carried you home on wings of Angels" ML Day

Your time was short, your sacrifice was great,
 In this  great wall of black marble, I can see your fate,
Your name is there and it's beautifully engraved,
With God calling you home  you could not be saved.... and I know..... 
He carried you home on the wings of an angels.
You will never be forgotten, and we will always love you!
Written by M.L.Day

Let us know you were here!


Wear red on Friday's to support our Veteran's


This webpage is created and owned by the webmaster not a state or national organization

"Overseas Veterans Emergency Relief"
"Their Honor Earned Respect Everywhere"